Tiny Porcine Dancers

Gloucestershire Old Spot Gilt

One of the things that never gets old around here — and I tell you, there are many — is getting to watch and feel pigs as they dance, kick and tumble in utero. There can be as many as eighteen pigs in one litter — with ten to fourteen being the norm — and for the last couple weeks of gestation at least some of their moving and shaking is both visible and palpable from the outside.

With pigs, unlike humans, personal space and proper etiquette are very loosely defined. The sow’s belly is not off limits to other pigs and they even particularly enjoy a good rub towards the end of the pregnancy — even if no other time. Which means I didn’t even have to ask this sow to sign a waiver before sharing her fifteen minutes* of fame online and I got to go over and rub her up and feel them dancing around after I shot it.

If you watch closely, just in front of her hind leg, in the area where the skin and hair coat turn lighter, you’ll see pigs moving. She’s due any minute now so the effect is particularly pronounced.

* It’s more like one minute. Luckily, pigs do not carry pocket watches. Which is why I don’t raise rabbits. Their damned pocket watches.

** Sorry about the wonky video crop. I’m still not proficient at this whole video with the iPhone thing.

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