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Moving Pictures

Visual media has always been an integral part of what we do. The best part of a small farm isn’t the long hours, lack of family vacations, and annual mountains of paperwork, after all. The best parts of a small farm are the sights. Some […]

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What We Do: October 2017

What We Do: October 2017

When I write blog posts here they’re always for you — the Michiganders who support our existence by eating locally and well, the fellow small-scale farmers and homesteaders who like to share in our experiences and earned knowledge, the ag and food-enthusiasts who share our […]

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6 Resolutions for Growing a Small Farm

I’m a little reluctant to call these resolutions. I’m not drawn to the idea of resolutions; public declarations of an intention to do this thing or not do that one. I’ve come to see life and its relative success or failure as a moving target. That said, I’m a sucker for goals and intentions. I like the new year as a set point for reassessment and goal setting. I like to think somewhere between an on-high pronouncement of hard resolutions and a quiet intention to work towards a few little things is this list. Six not-so-little things I’ll be concentrating on in 2015. (more…)

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Monday Miscellany on a Tuesday

It’s National Ag Day. I should probably be commemorating it in some special way, but I’ve got nothing. I’ve been mistaken about what day of the week it is twice in the past month, so I suppose I should just be glad I managed to […]

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A Bowl Full of Ag

As an author, there is this ubiquitous bit of advice we always get and give about book publishing: that launching the book into the market is really the hardest part of the entire process. With The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen that would be true […]

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The Farm-to-Fork Gift Guide: Kid Edition

food and farm gifts for kids‘Tis the season!

The season for joy, for merrymaking, for gift giving, and for celebrating.

Whether you’ve got just one or two special children on your gift-giving list or, like me, the number of kids on your Christmas list seems to grow with each passing year, food and farm-themed gifts are a great way to make the season merry and bright, while also connecting them with the source of their sustenance and introducing them to American agriculture.

In this gift guide I’ve compiled my top farm-to-fork theme gift picks for kids, keeping my eye on affordability. Over the next week or so I’ll also share some good picks for tweens and teens, as well as adults, both men and women, plus a special edition for those of you who’d like to “do good” with your gift giving this year.

I’ve always gravitated towards classic toys and books so you won’t notice anything high-tech here; you can save yourself a run to the store for batteries and maybe just boost your kids’ creativity and imagination in the process. The aprons could even be donned to help with Christmas Day dinner prep, engaging the whole family in a little foodie fun.

Jamie Oliver says kids don’t need their own cookbooks and I tend to agree. Instead, bring out a picture heavy cookbook meant for adults to pique their interest. A mouthwatering picture is a mouthwatering picture whether you’re nine or ninety, after all.

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Thank a Farmer: Pete Blauwiekel at Blue Wing Farms

If, at some point, I become half the hog farmer Pete Blauwiekel is, my work on this earth will be done. So, when I decided I wanted to run a “Thank a Farmer” series on the blog this month, it’s only natural that he was […]

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Saturday Swinetacular: Curtis Whitlock’s Purebred Sow

This circa 1940 photo of farmer, Curtis Whitlock, and his prized purebred sow comes from the Shorpy vintage photo collection. The caption provided says that Farmer Whitlock bought his sow, some foundation dairy cows, and a “fine work mare” with a loan from the Farm […]

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Little Things: Love

Love, Cat & Pig

I’ve never been much of a romantic. As far as I’m concerned love is definitely not enough. It’s important, it’s filling, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. This week I’ve been reminded of how nice that particular piece of the puzzle is though. So love tops my list. Here are five Little Things for which I’m grateful this week: (more…)

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Little Things: Rain

It’s wet here right now. And while I could do without all the mud that gets tracked into the house, I’m not about to complain. (And I would appreciate it if you all would remind me of that commitment if or when this precipitation turns […]

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