Our feeder pigs come from a long line of hand-selected heritage hog stock to ensure the best potential for delicious pork production. Most of our pigs are a cross of Gloucestershire Old Spot and Berkshire pigs. We also occasionally have purebred Berkshire and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs for sale.

Feeder Pigs | $100 – $150
Price varies with age, size, and season. Please contact us anytime for more info.
*All feeder pigs are barrows (castrated males)

Breeding Prospects | NA
We are not offering breeding prospects at this time.

Show Pigs | $100 – $150
Show pigs are offered seasonally in limited availability for the summer fair season. Both gilts and barrows (castrated males) are available. We recommend contacting us early in the year. We sell all show prospects on a first-come, first-served basis. Price varies according to age, size and season.

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