Moving Pictures

Visual media has always been an integral part of what we do. The best part of a small farm isn’t the long hours, lack of family vacations, and annual mountains of paperwork, after all. The best parts of a small farm are the sights. Some of these can be captured in a snapshot; the three generations of beef cattle waiting at the gate; a gentle nuzzle a gilt places on her mama’s cheek when they’ve lived together their whole lives, the way the sun grazes off the back of the ram at dusk in the wooded lot. But many others cannot; the flap of a pig’s ears when he shakes his head, the rhythm of a mama cow chewing her cud, the satisfaction of collecting a full nest of eggs and the clean smooth bed of straw left behind for the next morning’s bounty. For more than two years we’ve been contemplating–and trying to work up the courage–to pencil moving pictures into our to-do list. Video, we keep hearing, is the future. And we’re not inclined to disagree with that. But it’s also incredibly time consuming and for that reason we’ve been daunted.

Next year, no matter how daunted we remain however, moving pictures are coming to our farm blog (and a youtube near you.) At this point our intention is to publish a short “vlog” each weekday beginning January 1. We’re hoping the transition will be smooth and we’re already practicing in hopes of getting the kinks worked out of the process before we dive in full-steam ahead. In the meantime, we just published our first video on our YouTube channel–a trailer for what’s to come. You can watch, like, and subscribe now so you don’t miss any of the videos we release in the future. The subscribing part is important; we’ll be hitting the full schedule in January, but we’ve got a couple early specials planned between now and then.

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