Last Call: 2016 Lamb


The best and worst thing about living on a small farm is eating what you produce. It’s the best thing because the things you produce are so delicious there’s no comparison to their grocery store counterparts. You cannot buy meat, fruits and veggies like this in the store. But it’s also the worst thing, because you get spoiled so you don’t even want to eat anything else. And the problem there is that it means you either have to raise a wide variety of foods or bore yourself of the same old meals pretty quick.

For us, being bored was never an option. When we became bored of chicken, we added turkey. When we became tired of chicken and turkey, we added pork. When we became bored of chicken and turkey and pork, we added beef. When we became bored of chicken and turkey and pork and beef, we added lamb.

Now, in our second year with lamb we’re relishing the experimentation a new-to-us meat brings to our kitchen and the kitchens of our customers. Of course, as with all things, lamb is seasonal and so we’re putting out our last call to join us in this fun new farm-to-fork adventure until next fall. If you’d like to try out our second ever crop of Pure Michigan, pastured lamb, get in touch by phone or email. We have a limited number of whole and half lamb shares available. Wholes are $1.50 per pound liveweight, plus processing. Halves are $1.75 per pound liveweight, plus processing.

These won’t last, all will be gone before the first of February.

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