Born just as the spring rains and warming weather bring grass back to our hilly, central Michigan farm, our lambs are pastured alongside their mothers over the summer and processed in the late fall and early winter as the last blades of grass die back.

Our pastured lamb is available in shares (whole or half of a full animal, sold live and delivered to the butcher for you as a free service) and by the cut, just like you would find at your local meat counter.

Pastured lamb is a healthy, sustainable meat option–and delicious, too!

Whole Lamb | $2.25/lb + Processing
More coming fall 2016. Whole lambs usually weigh between 80 and 140 pounds, live weight.

Half Lamb | $2.50/lb + Processing
More coming fall 2016. Half lambs are just that, half of a whole lamb.

We’re ramping up production, but sold out of individual cuts for now. Check back soon!

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