In Which I Dip My Toes

Take Better Farm Photos Online Course

I owe this post to not one, not two, not three, but a whole handful of really amazing friends. A few who, undeterred by my excuses thinly veiled as objections, spent the tail end of 2012 urging me to teach some courses and another who, having taught a few herself, was willing to share with me everything she knows about doing so.

And now, I’m really excited to announce Farm | Photog a four-week, guided course designed to help you elevate your message, connect with consumers, promote your farm, sell your products, and be a more effective advocate for agriculture — all via visual media.

As social media evolves, the way in which we consume and share media is becoming increasingly visual. 2012 ROI Research found that consumers are 44% more likely to engage with brands who share visual media, than those who do not.

To quote Intel Social Media Strategist Ekaterina Walter, “Brands that can rock visual media will find themselves market leaders.”

As farmers we’ll need to be increasingly proactive about getting our message out via quality visual media and Farm | Photog is designed to help with just that.

Over the course of four weeks course participants will receive daily lessons and creativity prompts delivered both directly to their inbox and made available to them via a private, password-protected site where they can discuss the lessons with me and the other course participants as much or as little as they’d like. We’ll cover everything from camera and lens selection to composition, lighting, editing, and optimization for SEO and social sharing. Plus, at the end of the course I’ll personally and privately review five pieces of visual media for each participant, offering constructive feedback and ways to make them even better.

I’m running an early-bird sign up special at $20 off the normal registration price now the end of January. Sign Up Today!

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