Good Stuff: Winter Comes

Good Stuff: Winter Comes

Winter arrived with the thunder of a runaway freight train shortly after noon yesterday. I was shoulder deep in the freezer in the barn, digging for lamb shanks for the evening’s meal. I pulled my head from the freezer just in time to hear the wall of frigid air hit the north side of the building, wrap itself around the corner and howl its way inside. By the time we began evening chores the tiny flutters of white against the already darkening six o’clock sky were unmistakable. When we finished loading corn stalk bales for bedding barns at eight, we were working in a bona fide snow storm. This morning a thin blanket of white covered just about everything. Tuesday it’ll be fifty degrees and sunny. Such is the changing of the seasons in the midwest.

Here are a few good things to end the week:

Watch: Have you seen our youtube channel? If not, be sure to click here and subscribe. This trailer (below) is all we’ve uploaded so far, but we have a couple videos on tap between now and the new year and then plan to be posting regularly thereafter.

Eat: Don’t hold the shoddy picture in this post against the recipe. It was dark, cold and we were all too hungry to haul out my light stands for a proper photoshoot before digging in. Poor kitchen lighting aside, this Lamb Shank RagĂș is a staple in our recipe rotation for good reason. It’s filling and scrumptious on a cold night.

Listen: Mark my words, Donna Missal is a name we will be hearing everywhere soon. Those pipes!

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