Our chickens are broad-breasted cornish cross birds, raised on our farm from 1-day old to the day they’re humanely processed. Birds are sold whole and frozen.

Due to the Michigan climate we raise chicken in small batches during the growing season and keep only a limited supply on hand during the off season. You can pre-order chickens each year by joining our mailing list and replying when we put out a call for poultry orders.

Chicken | price varies, see below
Reserve now for fall 2017 delivery. Chickens are sold whole, frozen and usually weigh between 3 and 6 pounds. We will do our best to accommodate specific size requests, but cannot guarantee you will receive a certain size chicken. Each bird is an individual and therefore final weight varies.

2-3 lb birds : $9
3-4 lb birds : $12
4-5 lb birds : $15
5+ lb birds : $18

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