Gardening 101: GMOs, Hybrids, and Heirlooms

A quick jaunt through the internet, making sure to skip through a few gardening blogs and communities, and you’ll quickly find two things: 1) GMOs are of tremendous concern to America’s gardeners. And 2) GMOs are incredibly misunderstood among America’s gardeners. This, of course, is […]

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Planning a Vegetable Garden

Normally I’m all over this, but somehow the garden planning season has snuck up on me this year. I think it’s a combination of exhaustion from last year, worry about this year (have you seen the latest drought map?), and just a plain old lack […]

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Miscellany: Seed Chatter, Sow Teats + Gratuitous Critter Photos

According to my editorial calendar I had intended to share a Cranberry Scone recipe with you today, and if we’re judging by the unused carton of cranberries in my fridge, that sounds about right. Unfortunately, intentions are not nickels. Because if I had a nickel […]

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The One That Changed My Mind

On a dust-covered bottom shelf, at a local farm market, almost a decade ago, I found a box of expired seed packets. “10 cents” was scrawled across the front of the box in permanent marker and inside was a haphazard mess of flower and vegetable […]

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On Germination

I find there are two ways in which things will normally go for new gardeners. Either you have tremendous beginners luck, or you don’t. In the latter, you suffer for all your mistakes right from the get-go and are forced, very early on, to become […]

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