Developing World Ag

Light for Light: An Update

One of the cool things about this writer/farmer/photographer life is that — aside from raising pigs and producing food for Michigan families, which is something I love and am passionate about in and of itself — I also get to use my talents for issues […]

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Light for Light: One Light Bulb, Endless Possibilities

Among the first things I noticed after arriving in Ethiopia were the open-air butchers. Most were no more than twelve-by-twelve, just tiny shops cobbled together with steel siding and tarps; tucked in-between electronics shops and hair salons and places that seemed to sell nothing but […]

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For International Women’s Day: On Being a Woman in Agriculture

I’m never quite sure what to say when people ask me what it’s like to be a woman in agriculture. It’s a lot of things; which, I imagine, is akin to being a man in agriculture. It’s all at once easy, difficult, tiring, exhilarating, thankless, […]

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Tanzanian Pigs + Livestock & Developing World Ag

I love traveling and love it more when I can find pigs. I may even have to make it one of my life goals to see them on every continent where they exist — in all their glory. The thing about countries in much of […]

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