State of the Farm : 2015 Farmprint Course

Every year about this time I begin to take stock of how our farm is functioning. Some years it’s inspiring, other years it’s frustrating, most years it’s a little bit of both. Regardless, it’s become a sort of cornerstone of how we do things and […]

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Sneak Peek of Spring + Last Call for Early Bird Pricing

There’s nothing like an almost sixty degree day in the middle of January to alert you to the fact that your right boot seems to have developed a bit of a tear. Mid-January mud puddles are cold when they seep in and soak your wool […]

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In Which I Dip My Toes

I owe this post to not one, not two, not three, but a whole handful of really amazing friends. A few who, undeterred by my excuses thinly veiled as objections, spent the tail end of 2012 urging me to teach some courses and another who, […]

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