A Few Favorite Things: Lengthening Days

A Few Favorite Things: Lengthening Days

It’s 9˚ here as I type this. We’re at the bottom of another valley in the winter rollercoaster. It’ll be 40˚ again by Wednesday. One evening this week one of our girls noticed the faint blue of the sky at evening chores. “Isn’t it normally dark at this time?” And that certainly has been the case for a few months now, but the days are finally perceptibly lengthening. We’ve even seen the sun three days in a row. We’re staring down the final stretch. Spring will be here soon, no matter what a Pennsylvania rodent has said.

This fall and winter feel like they’ve gone by quicker than any other I can recall. Is it that our kids are getting older now? We can feel the “end” of their childhood fast approaching? That we’re getting older now? We can feel the days ahead dwindling and those behind piling up? That we’re simply busier now? Most responsibilities, more events, more work? Probably, I think, a combination of all that and more. It’s not a bad thing though. It reminds us to savor the days we have, as we have them.

Read: Ever wonder about the history and cultural perception of Rabies? Me either. Yet, Bill Wasick and Monica Murphy, a journalist-veterinarian team, some how manage to make thousands of years worth of the science, mythology and history behind the rabies virus a compelling story in Rabid: A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus.

Watch: I haven’t had much free time to watch documentaries (or anything else for that matter) so most of my recent viewing has been of the short film variety, limited to things I can catch most or all of while waiting to pick up kids or feed or standing in line at the market. Still, that’s not all bad. This timelapse “adventure” through the four seasons in Norway is breathtakingly bold and beautiful.

Eat: I am a firm believer that Chorizo, like bacon, makes everything better. These beans and mussels, rustic spanish style are not an exception to that rule. And they’re simple to make, too!

Listen: I’ve shared songs by JohnnySwim here before, and probably will again. This song, Drunks, that they released last fall has been a regular in my playlist for weeks now.

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