A Few Favorite Things: December 13

Not a creature was stirring...
Not a creature was stirring…

Read: I bought Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson years ago, read half of it and then stuck it up on my shelf. That’s to no fault of the book itself; I have a bad habit of half-reading books. I get bored quickly. The silverlining to this tendency is that I have shelves full of reading material to go back to when I’m feeling intellectually peckish. This week it was exactly that feeling that had me pulling Consider the Fork out and flipping back through its pages. If you’re interested in the history of how we prepare and eat food, this one is a must-read. Even if you do it in bits, years apart.

Watch: There are at least two staples you shouldn’t miss out on when traveling in East Africa: Stoney — a crisp, fresh ginger soda — and Tusker, a pale lager made in Kenya, but you don’t have to leave your chair to watch Tusker’s new ad.

Eat: I made the NY Times’ version of green bean casserole for Thanksgiving this year and the kids have requested it every single day since. The other night, I told them I would work it into our regular dinner rotation and they quickly and hopefully replied, “three times per week?” They’re optimistic, I’ll give them that. This dish is too heavy for even once-per-week rotation, but once per month in the winter probably wouldn’t hurt them, and when you taste it you’ll understand why they would love to eat it even more frequently.

Listen: Raja Kumari is hands down my favorite new artist of the year. We’ve had her songs on loop for weeks. If you like her sound, you’ll probably love her personality in this interview for Uproxx even more. She’s lovely.

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