Month: June 2013

Review: 2013 Buick Encore

If I had to sum the Buick Encore GM lent us for our trip to Iowa last week up in just one word, that word would be ‘smooth’. The ride is smooth, comfortable, and quiet — astonishingly so for a small crossover — but the […]

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Israel: Black & White

Nothing here is black and white. Everything happening on the ground is in a million shades of every color of the rainbow so it was a little bit cathartic to sit and edit these pictures in shades of grey. I’m not home yet, and have […]

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WPX ’13 Road Trip: Days Two & Three

World Pork Expo 13 Hospitality Tents

I’m not sure why I overestimate my capacity to work while traveling, but my ambitions for writing from the road are always a drastic overshoot of my actual ability to do so.

I’ve already been home and am gone again, typing this from the first of four airports I will visit in the next 24 hours. And then it’s a week in Israel. Before we get to all that however, I wanted to share some more pictures and updates from our time at World Pork Expo. (more…)

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WPX Road Trip ’13: Day One

World Pork Expo 2013 doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow morning, but we’re here in Iowa today. We played a game of highway leap frog with a few other, easily-recognizable WPX bound travelers most of the way here and managed to occupy ourselves with 90s […]

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Monday Miscellany

The new pens aren’t done yet. So there’s that. We leave for World Pork Expo in 14 hours. I actually need another week to be ready. Not for expo, that’s easy. That’s only a couple of days. But because we will return from expo on […]

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