Month: May 2013

4-H: Not All Poop Scoopin’ and Shit Kickers

A few weeks ago I had tea with a friend from the city. Somehow we came upon the topic of 4-H — I probably brought it up as I am wont to do — and she said something that made me laugh. “People out there […]

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New Pen Progress: Slow, But Steady

First: Measuring, marking, and re-measuring. I could dedicate an entire tome to the mistakes I’ve made in founding this farm, the things I’ve had to learn the hard way. Sure, some due to lack of available resources before I set out to do it myself, […]

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Space for Swine

Pig Pen Size

Last week a commenter left a good question on our 6 Rules for New Pig Farmers post. So good, in fact, I thought it warranted a response in blog post form.

And since we’re currently in the process of expanding and adjusting our own pen infrastructure Chris’s question — “I was wondering what your recommendations for pen sizes?? And how much room do pigs need??” — really couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

The best pen size for rearing pigs outdoors largely depends on four things: the number of pigs you’re raising in the pen, the shape of the pen, the footing in the pen, and the size/life stage of the pigs. (more…)

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Monday Miscellany: Aging, Loss, Pig Dog & Patrick

It’s a rough day when, at the end, you realize you’re probably just getting old(er). The Man and I have been spending what seems like our every free waking moment — few and far between as they may be — working on new pens. They’re […]

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Monday Miscellany: Love-Hate Season + New Kid Update

What I love about this time of year is that there is a never-ending list of to-dos; most of which need to be done now if not yesterday. What I hate about this time of year is that there is a never-ending list of to-dos; […]

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Name The New Kid Contest


For reasons that would probably be better covered in another post, we sold our Large Black Boar earlier this spring and have been endeavoring to replace him ever since. I knew what I wanted and will be perfectly honest in saying that I’m not entirely convinced I’ve found it, but am at the very least confident this fella is a step in the right direction. Thus, because the reproductive tracts of gilts and sows wait for no one, he has joined the farm. And is fitting in nicely. (more…)

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