Month: January 2013

Farm Fork Files: January ’13

January has been a busy month in the food and farming sectors. So much for the myth of farmer down time, continuing education, new regulations, keeping up on weather outlooks, and adjusting seasonal plans to (hopefully) cope with whatever it is Mother Nature is planning […]

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Sneak Peek of Spring + Last Call for Early Bird Pricing

There’s nothing like an almost sixty degree day in the middle of January to alert you to the fact that your right boot seems to have developed a bit of a tear. Mid-January mud puddles are cold when they seep in and soak your wool […]

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On Hardiness Zones

tomato seedlings, circa 2010

If you want to drive me absolutely guano loco tell me you’re planning a vegetable garden and then ask me what type of broccoli or tomatoes or green beans or corn or peppers or any other common annual vegetable you should plant for your zone. (more…)

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Mostly Gardening Miscellany + Rural Winter iPhoneography

I’ve been struggling with where to keep my iPhone pictures online these days. Instagram was fun for a while, and I do still use it occasionally, but the format constraints annoy the artist in me. I love how Elan has an entire portion of her […]

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On Water & Old Man Winter

Brrrr! Baby, it’s not cold outside; it’s frigid. It’s the kind of cold that makes the deck groan with the ferocity of a newly-awakened grizzly under every step, the sound radiating out and bouncing back off barren trees. It’s especially deafening first thing in the […]

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Bacon Cabbage Homefries


This is one of those dishes that’s so quick and easy to make I can’t even bring myself to dignify the process with pictures. It cannot be messed up, which is why it’s also one of my favorites. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s delicious, and if I’m busy even the Small Humans can whip dinner together. We don’t eat it much in the warm months, it’s a rib-sticking comfort food reserved for the cold and dark parts of the year, and since it’s a whopping zero degrees here right now I thought there no better time than the present to trot it out. (more…)

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Farrow to Finish: The First Month

Much has changed since we last checked in on our Farrow-to-Finish litter. By the end of the first month those cute little pigs begin to look a bit more like hogs; widening, thickening, and developing an evil eye for anyone who enters their weaning shed […]

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Little Things: Love

I’ve never been much of a romantic. As far as I’m concerned love is definitely not enough. It’s important, it’s filling, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. This week I’ve been reminded of how nice that particular piece of the puzzle is though. […]

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On Farmerettes


I bet that’s a title you never thought you’d see here.

Alas, I am powerless over the sexist word-smithery of 100 years ago, and Farmerettes are exactly what they were called. At least during the first go ’round. (more…)

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On Innovation & Castration: What Say You?

I think, sometimes, when consumers first hear about hurdles that face the agriculture industry they tend to think there’s nothing being done to address those hurdles. Rather than viewing how things are done now as a snapshot, a moment in time in a rapidly evolving […]

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