Month: December 2012

Guinness Lamb Pies

It’s been just long enough since the last time we raised a demon bottle lamb, that I’m almost considering two or three for spring. Temporary insanity induced by adorable pictures of the last one, a relative lack of lamb in the freezer, and The Pig […]

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Farrow to Finish: The First 48 Hours

Pigs are relatively strong and mobile at birth. Their eyes are open and they can get around well enough to get themselves to the milk bar, if nothing else. Within 24 hours, they’re toddling wobbily around, and are capable of learning how to use a […]

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Lentils & Swine


If you’re anything like my bank account — your sole experience with them being such that you were sucked dry — you may not realize pigs are actually a symbol of prosperity. But they are. And eating pork as you ring in the new year, is thought to bring a little of that prosperity your way in the twelve months that follow.

Now, as a rule, I’m not a superstitious person, but I’m also not above stacking the deck in my favor, just in case. So when I started concocting a lucky New Year’s meal in my head I didn’t stop with swine. (more…)

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Updated Life List | 2013

Do you ever feel like you’re standing on a precipice and rather than trepidation at falling over all you feel is invigoration at the opportunity to jump? Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic but that’s how I’m feeling these days. 2012 was, as years go, pretty […]

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Farrow to Finish: A Birth Story

Some birth stories are better than others. This one’s not great, but does begin on Christmas Eve which at least makes it a bit hopeful. Or, if you want to get technical, shortly after midnight on December 25th, Christmas Day. Either way, these are Christmas […]

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Potato Pancakes


The truth is, The Man’s contributions in the kitchen are not infrequent. There were several years, during the time when I was shackled to both Corporate America and Higher Education, that he was, in fact, the primary — and oft times sole — cook in this joint. And yet, for all of his toiling away at the stove in the evenings somewhere along the way breakfast became his specialty. And while Christmas may be a lot of things, it is no exception to the rule. (more…)

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Happy Holiday Wishes + A Very Merry Meal Plan

The year always goes by quickly, but this year seems to have moved so much more so. It was, as all years are, not without its speed bumps, but 2012 has truly been an incredible year for me, and to a great extent I owe […]

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Manhattan Style Clam Chowder

I go through phases where I’d be perfectly happy to eat soups and stews for dinner every single night for weeks on end. In fact, in the winter, if all of our food came in warm bowls that we could cup in both hands as […]

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Because The Old Timers Were Rife With Catchy Phrases

TamworthxHereford Piglets

Three months, three weeks, and three days. That, as the old saying goes, is how long it takes to make a litter of pigs.

Because all months are not created equal however, figuring out a sow’s due date isn’t always quite that simple. In fact, it rarely is. Three months, three weeks, and three days only works out to the official length of a full term pig pregnancy — 114 days — if all three of those months contain thirty days, rather than, say, thirty one or twenty eight. And since only four of the twelve months in any given year actually contain thirty days, you might imagine how often a good calendar and day-by-day count of the gestation comes in handy. (more…)

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Toss-Together Fish Tacos

Remember when I told you about how you wouldn’t find me in the kitchen much this week? That’s still true. So while I realize sharing this as a “recipe” may be pushing it — “Step 1: Cook Fish Step Two: Make Fish into a taco,” […]

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