Month: May 2012

Everyday Beauty: Elderberry Blossoms

There was a number of years where I yearned for Elderberry. I knew it grew wild, I knew it was considered a noxious weed, but I wanted some. I wanted some so very badly. I looked and looked around our property, certain we must have […]

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Their Ears Are a Little Lower

The ‘Pacas got their hair cuts today. They’re considerably lower maintenance than the rest of us, what with a once a year shearing doing the trick. Still, they’re not terribly fond of the process. Alpacas are interesting creatures; aloof and difficult to motivate, they tolerate […]

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Tripp The Pig Dog: 9 1/2 Weeks


Are you tired of puppy pictures yet? Of course you’re not! No one gets tired of puppy pictures. Which is why I have a few more for you.


I wish I had a good size comparison picture, but at nine and a half weeks he very rarely holds still. Very, very rarely. And pretty much never when he’s got ahold of Soft Piggy.

His recall is improving, he’s mostly stopped trying to chew on humans (not so much anything else), and we’re working on ‘sit’ (though that requires being still for a split second, so not too much.)

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Everyday Beauty: Dandelion

It was matted, like a wet dog, after a hard rain. I couldn’t not, take its picture.

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The Difference a Week Makes

Okay, a week and a half, but still. Yesterday I was sitting at the dining room table, cursing my inability to focus and trying to meet a deadline when I heard The Little Monster lapping at the water dish in the kitchen behind me. It’s […]

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Miscellany: As Random As It Gets

This morning Tripp The Pig Dog shit three times in the course of thirty minutes. Only once in the house, so I guess there’s that.

I’m not in a writing mood.

It was supposed to be warm this week. It’s supposedly seventy degrees out there, but I can’t tell. It’s cold. Cold, I tell you. And it’s screwing with my planting plans.

The Schnauzer ate some kind of unidentified, mummified rodent-type thing this afternoon. Now we know why she has ass breath.

A while back, as part of my ‘lets be more green’ initiative — and by initiative I mean craziness – I decided to only buy dry beans, never canned. The reasons were many — I have a local source of dry beans, they’re cheaper, they’re easier to store, and so on and so forth — but all it really accomplished is us eating a lot fewer beans because I never remember to soak them overnight. I’ve been craving chicken chimichangas and refried beans for weeks. Do you think I remembered to soak those bitches? Of course not. Do you think I’ll get up and do it right now while I’m thinking of it? Of course not.

You may have noticed an extra snarky bite to my posts, tweets and facebook statuses lately — that and the cussing — I’ll just apologize now. My hormones are being jacked about again in the name of figuring out what the heck is wrong with me. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

What else… ?

I want a 7D for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I misplaced my money tree. Anyone want to donate? Canon? No? Figures.

First world problems. Meh.

At the end of the month The Pacas have an appointment to get a haircut. I’m really just looking forward to their appearance going from ridiculous to super-duper fabulously ridiculous. They have no purpose but to entertain me. What can I say?

And at three-hundred words of randomness, I think we’ll call it a day. I’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe.

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Everyday Beauty: The Moth

It was on the front mat when I took Tripp out this morning. All fluffed out and indignant at being stepped on by a clumsy puppy. Thrice. Its red and blue eyes, its only defense. He took zero notice, choosing instead to further bludgeon the […]

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This Was Supposed to Make Life Easier

“I can’t do it all,” has been a common refrain around here for the past few months. And I don’t like admitting that so you know it’s bad when I do. This was supposed to make life easier. So far it’s just resulted in a […]

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