Month: April 2012

On Guilty, Exotic Pleasures

For most locavores it’s coffee. For me, it’s fruit. And chocolate, but that’s another post for another day. And rum, but again; we’re getting off track. Fruit. Sweet, glorious, exotic fruit. Mangoes and papayas and star fruit and ugly fruit and kiwis and pineapples, oh […]

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On Time and Tasks

I tend to get overwhelmed this time of year. There’s so much to do, so little time to do it. In hindsight, Twenty-twelve shouldn’t have been so bad; it shouldn’t feel so rushed. It was spring much earlier than normal, we’ve been able to stretch […]

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Little Things: April 6 Edition

Pig Pile

Five little things I’m grateful for this week…

1. Piles of Pigs. Earlier this week it was almost seventy during the day so I turned off the heat lamp the latest litter of pigs has been using. When I went out to turn it back on in the evening they were piled beneath it, snuggled close for warmth after tuckering themselves out exploring all day. I couldn’t resist a picture before they spread themselves back out.

2. Everything Bagels.

3. The Inherent Hope and Promise of Spring. Everything is new again. The world is full of possibility; my head is full of dreams.

4. Paper and pens. I was recently talking to a friend about productivity and goal tracking and I must admit, as much as I love technology, it’s my paper planner and good old fashioned pens and post-it notes that keep me on track.

5. Sunshine.

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